Living in peace after cancer diagnosis

Is it possible to live in peace after cancer diagnosis? For the majority of people not, at least not straight after the diagnosis. But it is possible.

Not only is this possible but it actually serves one much better than being in any fear. And when I say to be with no fear, it does not mean suppressing fear, but truly releasing any fears and worries. Suppressed emotions are just that, still within us but buried deeply. It is much easier to say “let go of fears” than it is to do so.

So let’s shine some light on cancer.

There are many factors that can contribute to someone either enjoying good health, or experiencing poor health. We live in a fast paced world, full of different pressures. Many people now face a number of stressors, such as nutrient-poor diets, long working hours, lack of rest, etc. However, the level of our being at which ‘the last drop makes a glass overflow’ is almost always the emotional level. The majority of people are not aware of the real impact of stress and emotional conflicts. At the same time, even the conservative American Medical Association says that 85% of all health issues start at the emotional level. Other experts say it is much higher than that.

Due to increased emotional pressures that modern ways of living bring, coupled with everything else that affects our bodies, there is no surprise that our sensitivity levels are so high and that many health issues are on the rise in the world, particularly cancer.

Cancer accounted for 1% of all deaths in New Zealand in 1900, and in 2011 it accounts for 29%. Breast and colon cancer is the most occurring type.

Cancer has reasons for its appearance. It is not an enemy that is waiting to get us, but a final sign of a need for change.

Newer approaches to supporting people affected by cancer are often related to the diet and not much attention is given to emotional and mental support and healing. It is important to understand the ‘biological logic’ of our body and why we get sick, including why we get particular kinds of cancer. Diet has an important place but without resolving the causative conflict, without emotional peace and a positive attitude, we cannot bring balance back to the body.

When we resolve the emotional conflict and when we bring balance back to the emotional-energetically and mental levels of our being, coupled with some basic dietary and life style changes, we can create the conditions for the spontaneous healing that is a given right of every human being.

Though it might sound surprising, some cancers actually develop in the resolution stage of the conflict. When we understand that, and know what to expect, it is much easier at the emotional and mental level.

Even if the progression of the cancer has gone far, there is always a chance for remission, provided we deal with our blockages, as that will start the journey towards self-healing.

When we talk about blockages to self-healing, the emotional contributor is not the only issue that needs to be addressed, but it is necessary to be resolved.

After the diagnosis, one often dives into research. It is good to be informed, but at the same time one can get lost searching the internet and reading stories that are often discouraging, at times devastating. There is a lot of controversial information that makes a person even more confused and fearful about their condition and the right direction to go in. Considering the level of seriousness of this health condition, the affected person is on high alert and many negative meanings quickly get attached. It is important to clear them on a regular basis, otherwise those new meanings are contributors to a new emotional load, particularly to a range of different fears. That should be part of mental hygiene of every cancer patient.

Sometimes, the shock of diagnosis can be as threatening as the diagnosis itself. If the emotional shock is not addressed as soon as possible, it can even at times create a new cancer that we call metastasis. The sooner we address it, the better it is for our wellbeing.

The right coping skills are vital in order to prevent a build up of emotional and mental blockages. Fear is the biggest contributor to a low energy level and drains a huge amount of our life force that is vital for our functioning and self-healing. We can actually resolve the original emotional contributor to cancer, or other health conditions, and still not recover due to other emotional and mental blockages that are in the way to self-healing and draining our life force.

“Emotional and mental support and healing is of extreme importance regardless of what stage the person is at and regardless of what kind of treatment is being undertaken. A person can often live a much more normal life after cancer diagnosis then what usually results post diagnosis“ says Jasmina Kovacev, BSc, the creator and the main facilitator of leader of ‘Emotional and Mental Healing Retreat for Cancer Affected’ ‘I Choose Living’ cancer retreat in New Zealand, EFT expert and Master trainer, Personal Performance and Health Coach, Meta Medicine META-Health Master Practitioner and Master trainer, GNM consultant and much more…

It is true that not everyone will survive a cancer. Some that are affected have reached a point where their time is up. At times it can appear that we are at our end but somehow magic happens – spontaneous remission happens. We all know cases like that. At the same time it is a fact that we all are going to leave this physical body one day. It is very important to resolve any fears around it.

The whole purpose of working on energetically, emotional, mental and spiritual level is:

  • To give the body the best chance for survival – there is much higher chance for overcoming cancer when all levels of our being, particularly the causative level are addressed.
  • To live as normally as possible while being here – with emotional peace, obsession about the condition stops and one can go on with life and can enjoy life much more regardless of the health challenge.
  • To minimize any possible suffering – any recovery after surgery is much faster if emotional blocks are removed. Pain often diminishes, even with terminal stages of cancer. There is no reason for extra suffering and it is almost hard to believe the difference in pain levels for those that have emotional peace and those that do not. Working on emotional and energetic level often minimizes side effects of some chosen treatments and can make the difference if one will make it or not.
  • When our time is up, to leave this earth in peace – it is amazing to see the difference in how a person leaves their body when they have resolved the emotional contributor to their health challenge, resolved all emotional and mental blocks related to the condition and when they have inner peace, comparing to those that do not. Often they leave this world totally ready with a smile on their face. Isn’t that what we would all like when the time comes?

One of the biggest misunderstandings is that if one lets go of the fear of dying it means giving up. That is not true. By letting go of the fear, one stops having an emotional attachment to the outcome. It is important to let go of all emotional attachments to the outcome as they present a blockage towards self-healing. It allows living a normal life as possible, regardless of the health condition that is present.

There are number of other issues to be addressed, but this is a good start.

There is even a great Shamanic saying that is worth mentioning: “The disease will leave its host when it cannot recognize it anymore.” Our retreat is an excellent support on that journey.

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