Living Well

Healing starts from within

What does living well mean to you? We all attach different meanings to it. But for most of us – it comes down to feeling good. That is easier said than done, but there are a few ways you can improve your own feeling of living well.

It goes without saying that we first need to cover our basic survival needs, like food, water and shelter. When you don’t have those needs met, the human body can not function properly, hence why this is such a basic need. Once these basic needs are fulfilled, we look further.

What determines what we consider as living well, having met those basic requirements?

  1. Our own fears and limitations – the more fear we have, the worse we feel.
  2. Our level of consciousness – the higher it is, the better we feel and the more inner peace we have.
  3. Our purpose in this world – the more inline we are with our purpose, the better we feel.

How do our fears and limitations determine what living well means for us?

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For example, if someone has a fear of poverty and beliefs such as “My resources are limited”, “There is not enough”, “Abundance is limited” – they will have a need for material security and their amount of possessions will determine if they live well and feel good.

If someone has a lack of self-worth and self-esteem, they will often compensate it with the need for achievements. Their achievements are what makes them feel good. If there is a lack of achievements, or when they retire, nothing will compensate and make them feel good – they feel unhappy.

We are in a very vulnerable place when we depend on external circumstances to feel good.
It is nice to have more than the basics, to achieve things, while serving this world in whatever way we are meant to serve, but how we feel determines our perception whether we are living well or not.
Living well is determined by our experience of the self, of others and the world around us. Living well is about our being, how we feel we are, regardless of what others might think or perceive. It is the result of being well and feeling well.
Being well leads to doing well, and that leads to having well.
The closer we are to the essence of our being, the more peace we have. We feel better and experience a higher level of living well. For that reason, personal development is a very important part of living well, feeling good and having good health.

To illustrate what produces our feelings of well-being, and therefore living well – below are two stories to illustrate this:

John and Jack
John and Jack were good friends at school. After school, life took them in different directions. One morning, John was looking forward to his regular fishing trip, spent time in nature, in fresh air, meeting all kind of insects and animals. On his way to his favourite fishing spot, he saw his old friend who he had not seen for quite a while, coming towards him. His old school friend was in a business suit, with brief case rushing to the office, hardly noticing anything around him. As they hadn’t seen each other for quite a while, both stopped to greet each other.
John was delighted to see his mate looking successful and his curiosity could not resist but to ask: “Looks like you are living quite well, what do you do?”
Jack: “I lead a small team of people in the company I work for. This is a recent position. It gives me good perks and more money than the previous job.”
John: “Great! What else are you up to?”
Jack: “Well, in today’s world there is not much time for ‘else’. The family is growing, everyone does their own things. You know how it goes.”
John: “No time for hobbies or any relaxation?”
Jack: “By the time I get back from work it is quite late, I have to work long hours to keep my position.”
John: “I hope you then like what you do.”
Jack: “It provides my family with a good living and it pays the bills. One day when I retire I will have more time for myself and enjoy life more.”
John: “So, how will you enjoy life then?”
Jack: “I will go fishing, enjoy a sunny day like today, at peace with no stress. I will then enjoy my life. And what about you?”
John: “I am just about to go fishing now.”

Peter and Fred
Peter and Fred were good friends since childhood.
One day Fred was diagnosed with cancer. His life totally turned upside down. Fred was in constant state of anxiety and fear. Peter being a good friend was often there for Fred. Peter would often check on Fred to provide support and encouragement, while Fred was looking for ways to survive. The hardest thing for Fred was the way he felt about his family with a thought of leaving them, he had fear of dying, and nightmares from all the stories he was reading on the internet… Peter was always a nice refreshment with his sense of humor. Fred used to have a sense of humor, but since he was diagnosed, he changed. There were much more important things to worry about than to joke.
Years were passing. Fred was getting more and more exhausted. Peter was often there to brighten Fred’s days. He felt sorry for Fred’s inner suffering but he could not help him more.
All those years Peter was living and enjoying his life. Even being with Fred who was getting more and more miserable, made Peter feel good, as he knew he has helped Fred at least while they were together to feel good. He helped him at least for a short time to distract him from the fears and stress he was experiencing.
One day Fred got a call. Peter died in a car accident on his way to the hospital.

Both stories illustrate how we all deal differently with what life throws at us. Learning coping skills can be very valuable in achieving inner peace. Our subconscious programs determine how we deal with what life throws at us. By changing your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, attitude, you get inner peace and inner peace contributes to us feeling good and leads to experience living well.

The moral of these two stories is to make the most of your life while you have it. And by doing this your self-healing gets a much higher chance to get activated. Dr Bruce Lipton points out that perception determines our biology.
When you feel good you will experience a better quality of life, no matter what happens.

Our services can support you on that journey towards inner peace, towards mastering coping skills and towards living well.

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