Working Alongside Medical Professionals

We believe that creating a healthy mind, body and spirit, gives all people the best possible chance at reducing the anxiety that accompanies diagnosis.

  • Improving their quality of life
  • Improving self-healing abilities that we all have
  • Improving effects of all treatments that one is undergoing

We help people achieve inner peace while dealing with their current health conditions, live better and that contributes to an extension of life and increases the chances for ‘spontaneous remission’.

What we do not do is administer treatments, promise radical cures or prescribe one particular regime for all.

What we do is:

  • Support the journey of cancer diagnosed patients
  • Support and facilitate their emotional and mental transformation
  • Present a range of lifestyle changes that people might like to adopt to improve their quality of life and health
  • Support them as they make their changes
  • Support their supporters and carers
  • Support survivors in healing their emotional traumas from the past experience
  • Support all approaches that are supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being

How else we can support your patients and your work

  • Help them release fears of any medical procedure like fear of surgery, fear of needles, allergy to anaesthetics…
  • Help them reduce and even recover after chemotherapy from sensations of pins and needles and numbness in extremities

In serving our clients well, we are very open to working with and explaining our approach with their health advisors.

If you are interested in exploring new options for your patients, or have a patient that is attending a I Choose Living Retreat we invite you to:

  • Contact us to talk through any concerns or questions.
  • Attend our workshops or talks – be the best support to your patients you can be and have inner peace while doing it.
  • Organize a talk to your patients or your colleagues.
  • Read our inspiring stories and testimonials – read the true stories of others people who have found hope, peace and improved health.
  • Research – view the latest news in mind, body, personal development, medicine.

We offer education in the field of emotional and mental transformation and META-Health. Other education can be organized on request.

Contact us directly to find out more.