The Power Of Self-Healing

Heal your mind and body from within.

We are all born with the ability to self heal. It is our birth right. If it is not happening, something is in the way, at some level of our being.

If we were to express our health in a formula, it could be presented the following way
Current HEALTH = Self-healing – Blockages
Blockages come from external and internal sources.

External source – everything that nature did not intend to put into our bodies i.e. clean air, fresh organic food, unpolluted water…

Internal source – emotions and beliefs that form our perception.

Dr. Bruce Lipton,  a well known cell biologist, says : “Our perception determines our biology.” What determines our perception? Perception is determined by our beliefs, our values, and emotional experiences.

Every person experiences situations/events differently.

Our body manifests health issues where our weakest link is. The chain breaks at the point of the weakest link.  The weakest link of the body is closely related to a specific perception.  When one is under cumulative pressure from both external and internal sources, the weakest link expresses itself more easily.

When we are exposed to larger pressure from external and internal source (stress)  sometimes even without a big impact along our own line of sensitivity,  the onset of a health problem can start. The larger the cumulative stress, the lower our resistance is and our sensitivity is heightened.

We still nowadays mainly pay attention to nurturing the physical body in an attempt to eliminate health problems. While attending to the physical body is very important, it is at least equally so, if not more important, to work on the emotional and mental levels of our being. Physical nurturing gives the body the energy it needs. At the same time, it is important to understand that stress rapidly consumes nutrients and all goodness we put in our body. For that reason it is important to give to the physical body more nutrition at stressful times.

We all have some predispositions (weak links), but that does not mean we have to express it in our life as a health issue. Epigenetics – the science of the influence of our environment on the expression of our genes, explains it all.

When the body is under pressure “the weakest link in the chain” breaks and our individual predisposition manifests. When we resolve what is behind the stress that we experience, self-healing can help the body in its recovery process.

When we are talking about those affected with cancer, it is important to understand that there is a reason why cancer and not some other less life threatening condition manifests. It is like an alarm saying “This is the final warning”.  An old shamanic saying expresses it wisely “Disease leaves it’s host when it cannot recognize it any more.” There are those that managed to come to remission and after few years, the problem relapses at the same place or even more than one place. I had clients that after all treatments and remission, adopted a very healthy lifestyle; macrobiotic diet, regular yoga practices, and still experience relapse. Hopefully it is now obvious why.  It is due to cumulative effect of pressures at all levels of our being and heightened sensitivity on our own sensitivity line that we call predisposition.

What is stress? It is our emotional reaction to people, events and situations. Negative effects of stress are described very well in this article. Stress has also been shown to increase the likelihood of cancer spreading, or metastasis, which is a major cause of cancer death, by 30-fold.

More than ever, personal development is linked to health and self-healing. While medicine has a crucial role, we need to take responsibility for our health and self-healing. Modern medicine deals with symptoms and that is very important in order to bridge the gap to self-healing. It is time to realize that symptoms are reflection of what is going on in our life. While managing symptoms is important, it is at least of the same importance to go beyond symptoms and resolve causative levels and their contributors. We can support your journey in different ways with the range of our services.

“I Choose Living” retreat is designed to support those that are diagnosed with cancer at emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level. It is a big kick in a different direction. Not only do you learn new coping skills, but many transformation happens. Inner peace is what we aim for and as self-healing has much higher chance to take off when we have it. Everyone is different, it takes much more emotional work for some, less for others. Regardless, this retreat definitely improves quality of life in many ways.

It helps those that are in remission to resolve a range of their own issues and minimize risk of reoccurrence.

It helps caregivers and supporters to resolve their emotions and attached meanings that are not serving them, it also helps them become much better supporters. That way they not only become much better supporters that can continue their serving role, but they also minimize the risk of side effects of their role.