Finding inner peace and ways to live well is the best investment anyone with a diagnosis of cancer can make, for themselves and their family. It is also important to resolve emotional and mental blocking beliefs to achieve the highest quality of life possible and to allow the body to activate self-healing.

If you understand the importance of addressing all levels of our wellbeing, especially emotional, mental and energy issues, if you see the value of such unique retreat for yourself or a loved one, let’s make it happen. Money shouldn’t be an issue. Call us on 04 565 3888 or  fill in the form alongside, and we can explore the possibilities of a subsidised placement together.

Do yourself a favour, stop the sabotage within you and put excuses aside, so that you can have a better quality of life and improve your chances for self-healing. Do not aim for a survival, but for inner peace. With inner peace, survival and life comes naturally.

In order to attend the retreat from 12th to 19th August 2015, I require a subsidy in the amount of: